Contact Your Representatives

Take action today!

If we do not stand up and take personal action today, then we should not be surprised by the consequence.

This page will walk you through process of contacting:

  • NJ Governor Phil Murphy
  • Your NJ State Senator and Assembly
  • Your Municipality’s Committee

We need you to contact each of these individuals and ask them to contact the DEP, share your concerns and ask them to advocate on your behalf

Let’s get started!

Step One- Articulate Your Concerns

Here are some important tips:

  • You message will have a greater effect if it is personal.
  • It might helpful to copy and paste your message into a Word document so you can easily copy and paste your message to send to the various representatives in Step Two.
  • Ask your representative to take direct action on your behalf and for them to contact the DEP and share your concerns with them
  • It is probably easier to do this on a computer than a mobile device

Summary Concerns

  • The new map closes 300 miles of roads and is essentially identical to the 2015 map. 
  • The DEP did not take into account any of the 1,610 surveys that supported keeping roads open
  • There are Solutions other than Road Closures, such as increased enforcement, protection projects and education.
  • The DEP must scrap this 2024 map and adopt the topographical maps that were codified by the Pinelands Commission.
  • The DEP needs to justify  to the public each road they believe needs to be closed, individually.
  • We the citizens of your state, districts and municipalities are asking you to take any action within your power to force the DEP to scrap the 2024 map and start over.
  • Given the shattered public trust, there is no path forward on this current plan. 

Refer to our Petition for additional ideas.

Step Two – Send Your Concerns

Now that you have your message assembled, let’s get it sent off to the appropriate parties! We made this as easy as possibly for you by either giving you the direct contact information or providing a way to look up your representatives.

Contact the Governor

  1. Go to: Office of the Governor
  2. Fill out the form and paste your message above
  3. Alternatively (and additionally) call: 609 292-6000 and share you message with them
  4. For the Topic dropdown, select “Environment”
  5. For the sub-topic dropdown, select “Parks and Forests”
  6. Ask the Governor to contact the DEP and advocate for your concerns

Contact your State Representatives

  1. Go this page to find your representatives: NJ Legislature
  2. Look for your municipality in the list. When you find it, click on the blue district number button
  3. Under the picture of the Senator, click on the Contact your Legislator(s) link
  4. Send them your message
  5. Better yet! Use the number on the page to call them and let them know how you feel
  6. Ask them to contact the DEP and advocate for your concerns

Contact your Municipality’s Council

  1. We have created this list of links to your town’s contact page below. We will continue to add contact information there as we find it. Don’t see your town listed? Let us know.
  2. Ask them to contact the DEP and advocate for your concerns and to pass a resolution against the new map. Give them this link to sample resolution

Municipality Council Contact Pages:

Berkeley Twp / Bayville



Browns mills/Pemberton

Egg harbor city

Evesham / Marlton




Lacey Township / Forked river


Medford Lakes





Waterford / Atco


Windslow / Sicklerville

Woodland Twp / Chatsworth