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2 More Towns Pass Resolutions in Opposition

It has been another great week in the fight against the M.A.P.  Two more towns, Shamong and Eastampton, passed resolutions opposing the M.A.P., joining Waterford, Medford, Medford Lakes, Manchester, North Hanover, and Pemberton.

If you are a resident of one of these towns, please take the time to email or call your mayor and council and thank them for supporting your rights.

Stakeholder and Public Meetings Regarding the MAP

Important update: The date of the public forum has been posted to the Wharton State Forest home page.  It will be on Thursday, November 5th at 6:30 PM at Hammonton High School.  Despite it being a “Public” forum, you still have to register by calling 609 704 1964 or email before 10/28 to be able to attend.  It is critically important that folks register and attend this session.  Additionally, stakeholder sessions will be held at the end of October.  If you are the leader of a group (hunting, hiking, kayaking, 4×4, etc.) please call the same number above and register your group for the stakeholder forums.

Open Trails NJ presents at Medford Lakes Council Meeting

On Thursday, 9/10, Open Trails NJ was given an opportunity to present at the Medford Lakes Town Council meeting.  We made the following key points:

  • The Motorized Access Plan (M.A.P.) closes 58%, or 274 miles, of the road and trail network to motorized vehicles – many of which have been used for decades
  •  The MAP will be ineffective and will only impact law abiding outdoor enthusiasts and was developed with no public input
  • Federal Recreational Trails Funding was granted on the premise of creating a maintenance program for 600+ miles of roads, but was used to actually reduce milage to 202
  • The public must be engaged and we must start with a blank sheet of paper.  Scrap the MAP

Click her to view the Medford Lakes Presentation