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Open Trails NJ to Participate in Stakeholder Forum, 10/22

Open Trails NJ will be participating in the Wharton State Forest Stakeholder Forum on 10/22.  We will be advocating continued responsible use of Wharton State Forest for all outdoor enthusiasts.  Some of of the key points we will be promoting are:

  • All USGS defined roads should remain open unless they meet objective, agreed upon, criteria to be closed
  • Enforcement of existing laws is paramount to solving problems in the forest
  • Need for community engagement-  education, transparency, clean up, volunteer labor/material

A Beautiful Weekend For Outdoor Activities

Hope you all enjoyed this beautiful fall weekend, doing all the outdoor activities you appreciate. This photo was taken by a member of the Open Trails team yesterday at Batsto, doing one of the activities he enjoys, photography. The leadership of Open Trails NJ participate in a broad range of activities including hiking, kayaking, geocaching, hunting, enduro, photography, 4×4, etc. Our organization is dedicated to preserving the rights to the forest for all outdoor enthusiasts, whatever your hobby of choice.


Closing Roads is a Failed Policy

In all the township meetings and newspaper articles,  the DEP has been quick to show pictures of Jemima Mount, using it as an example of why roads must be closed to prevent impact to the forest.  But did you know that Jemima Mt. has been closed to motorized vehicles for well over a decade?  Ironically, the DEP has been showcasing how the policy they are promoting has been failing for over 10 years!