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Update on Pinelands Commission Meeting

The meeting went extremely well. Thanks to all who came out to support and especially those who spoke. Everyone made thoughtful, intelligent, and reasonable comments and it was clear the Commission was listening to us. The MAP opposition significantly, and visibly, outnumbered the MAP supporters. There was no action taken today and the Commission committed to reviewing the comments from today as well all the feedback that came in leading up to the meeting and decide what, if anything, they may recommend. OTNJ will continue to monitor this situation and alert you if any action is required.

Pinelands Commission CMP Policy and Implementation Committee Meeting

Your help is needed! There will be a meeting of the Policy and Implementation Committee of the Pinelands Commission on Friday, 1/29/16 at 9:30 AM. On the agenda is a “Discussion of DEP’s Motorized Access Plan for Wharton State Forest.” That discussion takes place right before Public Comment. This meeting is open to the public. It is important that the Pinelands Commission hear from the members of OTNJ. If you are able, please plan to attend this meeting.

When: Friday, January 29th 9:30 AM

Richard J. Sullivan Center
Terrence D. Moore Room
15 C Springfield Road
Pemberton, NJ 08064



Article on Wharton State Forest

This article should serve as a reminder that continued vigilance is needed on this matter.  The state has continued to confirm that there is no timeline for a new plan.  They also mention enforcement and technology as part of the solution (which is also OTNJ’s position) and don’t mention mass closures.  However, the fact of the matter is, there will be a new plan at some point.  OTNJ will continue to represent the rights of responsible users of the forest and help make sure the new plan is fair and will actually solve the issues in the forest.

Courier Post Article