Help Us Document Good Roads

Some people have  indicated that many of the roads that were closed by the Motorized Access Plan (M.A.P) were either damaged or not really roads, however, we know this is not true

We need your help documenting roads that are proposed to be closed but that are clear, and undamaged.

How can you help?

  1. Take a look at the Motorized Access Plan map and drive or walk some of the roads that are proposed to be closed.  Focus on your favorites spots that you know are good and targeted to be closed. Refer to this MAP to see what was has already been documented.  The blue lines have already been documented. Pick one or more of the yellow dotted lines to check out and get out there! Not sure where to go?  Email us.
  2. Use a GPS or a GPS app on your cell phone and record a track of what you are mapping. Click here for recommended apps and instructions on how to record a track
  3. Take pictures of the conditions you observe (Good and bad!)
  4. Email the original pictures (which if taken with a  modern smartphone will have the GPS coordinates embedded) and the GPS tracks to:
  5. We will combine the results into a master map
  6. Thats it!  You are helping to contribute to maintaining fair access to Wharton State Forest

Any questions? Please email us at:

Click here or see below what we have documented so far: